Sustain long-term profitability

Who can benefit

Ex-PRICE provides an informed insight to various subjects to support strategic decision making in setting of the drug prices

Pharmaceutical companies


Pharmaceutical companies are facing the challenge to keep the prices on levels that reflect the real value of the drugs. The application is designed to provide manufacturers with actionable insights to support strategic decision making. Particularly, in the fields of market access, pricing and reimbursement, external referencing of drugs, as well as general competitive intelligence.



The Ex-PRICE app can be used as an effective tool for price negotiation with manufacturers. Governments and similar institutional payers typically make use of the so called international reference pricing (IRP) in order to derive a benchmark price of medicine or medicines in one or multiple countries. With these benchmark prices being available in our application, payers can effectively negotiate the price of any given medicine in a specific country.

Wholesalers and pharmacies


The Ex-PRICE app can serve as a powerful and up-to-date drug pricing tool. International wholesalers, pharmacies and healthcare providers are constantly monitoring the prices of drugs in minimize expenditures. With the help of the application wholesalers, pharmacies and healthcare providers can effectively analyze current market trends and conduct drug price comparisons to keep costs as low as possible.

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