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Why Ex-Price

Protect long-term profitability

In the tough competitive landscape of pharmaceuticals, it is critical to monitor and respond quickly to the ever-changing global pharmaceutical pricing. Having the actual data of drug prices available, is a major key prerequisite to make fast and informed pricing decisions.

Companies, and specifically managers that have access to fast and up-to-date information on current drug prices have the ability to implement rationale strategies. This enables to minimize erosion of their price and sustain the long-term profitability.


searching by INN or SKU
new drug launches are regularly checked and included to Ex-PRICE
additional countries or databases can be added on request
price points that are not available in published sources are calculated in Ex-PRICE
flexibility in the structure and format of reports
possible further customization according to your needs

Be updated Daily by email notifications

Ex-PRICE provides coverage of approved branded and generic drugs across EU countries. Using relevant margin calculations, Ex-PRICE includes information on current ex-factory price, wholesale price, retail price, and daily cost of treatment.

Stay informed of market changes such as approvals, launches, and price cuts via our daily updated database.

The application allows users to monitor drug prices by regular e-mail notifications. The user may create any number of notifications depending on the monitored subject of interest (type of information contained in notifications). The notifications keep you informed every day on price changes, launches of new drugs, and the withdrawal of drugs from the local price databases.



Ex-PRICE allows for output customizations using various filters and individual setup options. Users can see all details as they are published by local authorities and also use predefined reports which provide quick previews on the drug prices.

Report inn

Report INN allows the searching of drug prices according to INN, brand name, drug form and strength.

Report sku

Report SKU provides an overview of prices of the selected package of the SKU in foreign databases for the selected day. The report SKU provides even more detailed Country and History Reports.

Report country

Report Country provides an overview of prices in the selected country for all SKUs from the portfolio.

Report history

Report History provides an overview of the development of SKUs prices in the course of the selected time interval in the selected country.

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