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About us

We are a team of passionate professionals providing solutions for market access issues for pharmaceuticals. We provide a full range of services required to apply for the price and reimbursement. We work closely with our clients to find and set appropriate price levels as well as secure the reimbursement, which reflects the real value of a given medicine. As healthcare budgets are limited, there is a constant and enormous pressure to lower drug prices. In order to set a competitive price level, manufacturers and managers need to have sufficient data covering the whole drug life-cycle.


We have 8 years of experience with the International reference pricing (IRP) process, and noticed that in many cases it led to price cuts which resulted in unexpected price erosions in various countries. We found that companies, which own information on actual price levels in given countries where the IRP is being used, can implement fast and actionable strategies to manage the negative impact of IRP. This is the reason why we started developing software solutions focused on the pricing and reimbursement of drugs. We are not only the producer of such a software on the market. However, as we are using it on a daily basis ourselves, we developed a unique understanding of the pharmaceutical market and specific pain points. As a result, we are highly qualified to cater to our clients’ needs and help them find the best solutions for any given problem related to pricing or reimbursement.

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